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About Us

The NHLRA's History

In 1919, a group of hotel owners in New Hampshire banded together to create an association to protect their interests, share their knowledge, and speak with authority on issues affecting their industry. For over 100 years, the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association has carried on this mission by working behind the scenes to shape the hospitality industry in New Hampshire.

From prohibition to today’s booming craft beer scene, we’ve protected and advanced the restaurants and hotels that are the cornerstone of communities across the state.

Our Mission

We serve our industry by

advancing and protecting

New Hampshire’s Lodging,

Foodservice, and Tourism industry.

Our Vision

We lead New Hampshire’s

Lodging, Foodservice and Tourism Industry, by elevating its prosperity, prominence and participation, enhancing the quality of life

for all we serve.

Our Values


Food Truck Owners


We raise the profile of dining and lodging in NH and help our members connect to customers across the state. 

Highlights include:


We work to advance pro-business policy and defend small business owners against crippling regulations.

2021 Achievements: 

  • Freezing the tip wage

  • Alcohol delivery

  • Requiring third-party delivery services to enter into agreements with restaurants

Food Truck Owners


We’re building a stronger workforce by connecting people to rewarding careers in the industry, providing hospitality employees with financial assistance during unforeseen crises, and offering training and resources. 

Why is your logo
a pineapple?

Pineapple Logo

The tropical pineapple fruit became a symbol of hospitality during colonial times when returning captains from the south seas would place a pineapple in front of their home to signify their safe return.

The symbol was also an invitation to neighbors welcoming them to come inside and toast to the captain’s good fortune. 

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